Chloe Sharrock
A young giurl from Al-Hawl camp in Hassakeh National Hospital. Fires are common in the camp due to the poor heating conditions.
A young boy and his bird. Bassrah, Southern Iraq.
Camp of Al-Hawl, where 62’000 people are currently living in extremely harsh conditions.
Mohammed Khalil, head of the village’s council, looks at the grave of a child from Al-Hawl’s camp.
A woman cried while praying at the Shrine of Imama Hussein, in Karbala.
Night falls as early as 6:30pm in the temporary camps put in place by the sugarcane cutters next to the fields. If a family managed stealing a little bit of power from a nearby farm - just enough for a lightbulb and a few phone chargers.
Nakaate, a field contractor, advances money to their workers before the cutting season, and get paid back along the season. It’s often them who also advance money for health necessities such as the women’s surgeries.
Asha had a hysterectomy at 27years old after unresolved gynecological complications. The surgery was performed by a doctor from the private health sector, and she wasn’t given any medical report. Weighting only 34 kilos today, Asha’s health issues only wo
Nada, 24, Bagdad - The 2006 civil war broke and we were suddenly forced to leave everything behind. I was brutally unrooted from everything I knew and forced to live in constant fear.

Born in 1992, Chloe is bathed early in an artistic environment in which images are considered as a privileged medium to convey emotions and commitments. She first enrolls in Art History studies in Lyon, specializing in the artistic trends of the 14th to the 17th century, a field still deeply influencing the aesthetics of her work today. She then concludes her education with Cinema Studies in Paris, specialized in aesthetics and documentary making.

Motivated by a dire need to bear witness of the world’s turmoil, she decides in 2017 that her medium will be photography.

After a year working regularly in Lebanon among Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian women, Chloe pushes a step further her commitments and creates the association “Alhawiat”, promoting the role of women in the reconstruction of post-conflictual societies in the Middle-East through conferences and discussion panels in France.

Since then, she continues focusing on the Middle-East and women’s rights, through stories exploring violence in all of its forms. In 2019, her commitment to women's rights takes her to India, where she produces the story "Sugar Girls" about coerced hysterectomies, that will be exhibited at Visa Pour L'image the following year and awarded with grants from the CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques), La Scam and the French Ministry of Culture. 

Her work has been published in the international press such as Newsweek Japan, The Washington Post, Libération, Le Temps, Neue Zurcher Zeitung...

Prizes and grants

  • October 2018- Press Prize, Salon Photo Paris, for “Gaza’s longest night”
  • February 2019 - Press Prize “Gaza’s longest night” at CP+ Festival  in Yokohama, Japan
  • March 2020 - Nominated for Joop Swart Masterclass by Hideko Kataoka, Newsweek Japan.
  • May 2020 - Grant from the CNAP (National Center of Fine Arts) for « Sugar Girls »
  • June 2020 - Grant « Brouillon d’un Rêve » by La SCAM  for « Sugar Girls »
  • September 2020 - Grant for women photojournalist from the French Ministry of Culture / Visa Pour L'image
  • March 2021 - Nominee Leica Oskar Barnack Award


  • October/Novembre 2018 - Exhibition “Gaza’s longest night” at the Salon Photo à Paris
  • February 2019 - Exhibition “Gaza’s longest night” at CP+ Festival  in Yokohama, Japan
  • September 2020 - Exhibition « Sugar Girls » at Visa Pour L’image, France
  • December - November 2020 - Exhibition « Sugar Girls » at Kawasaki Peace Museum, Japan
  • February 2021 - Exhibition "Sugar Girls" at the Iwaki Performing Center, Fukushima, Japan
Chloe Sharrock
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Nathan Devers, 2022

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Night falls as early as 6:30pm in the temporary camps put in place by the sugarcane cutters next to the fields. If a family managed stealing a little bit of power from a nearby farm - just enough for a lightbulb and a few phone chargers.

India - Sugar Girls — Chloe Sharrock

Inhabitants from Gaza City light up a fire to light themselves but also to burn waste and warm themselves up.

Gaza Strip - Gaza's Longest Night — Chloe Sharrock


Publications​ / Exhibitions

Sugar Girls, exhibited at the international festival of photojournalism Visa Pour L'image 2020

Exhibition - "Sugar Girls" Visa Pour L'image 2020

Exhibition "Sugar Girls" Iwaki Performing Center, Fukushima, Japan

Exhibition - "Sugar Girls" Iwaki Performing Center, Fukushima, Japan

Publications - The Washington Post

Publications - The Washington Post

Libération - Syria, Al-Hawl, May 5th 2021

Publications - Libération

Newsweej Japan - 2021

Newsweek Japan - The Lost Children

L'Equipe Magazine - 2021

Publications - Drift in Baghdad