Marie Dorigny

Photoreporter for over 25 years, Marie Dorigny first worked as a writer. She joined the photographic world in December 1989 during the Romanian revolution and produced engaged reports on child labour, the status of women and contemporary forms of slavery.

Her work, published in the national and international press, has also been repeatedly exhibited in the photo galleries of the FNAC (domestic slavery), at the festival of photojournalism Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan (child labour and land grabbing), at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (prostitution and illegal immigration), and at the Museum of Lyon (Kashmir).

Her work has been awarded many times:

- 1991: World Press for her report on the ravages of Agent Orange in Vietnam

- 1998: Kodak Award of the young photojournalist for her work on domestic slavery

- 2013: laureate of a grant from the Photoreporter Festival in St Brieuc Bay for a report project on violence against women in Nepal

- 2014: winner of the AFD/Polka photo grant for her project “Main basse sur la terre” on land grabbing in Mozambique. This work was later exhibited at the MEP in Paris.

Three monographs also present her photographic work:

“Enfants de l’ombre” (Marval Editions, 1993), "Cachemire, le paradis oublié" (Editions du Chêne, 2004) and finally, "L’inde invisible" (CDP Publishing, 2008).

Her latest work, "Displaced, femmes en exil", was commissioned in 2016 by the European Parliament. It has been exhibited (for three months) by the Parlamentarium in Brussels and at Visa pour l'Image.

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Displaced — Marie Dorigny

Champaran, Bihar, India In 1917, upon his return from South Africa, Gandhi traveled for several months along the roads of Champaran to organize the small farmers fight against the British indigo planters.

Main basse sur la terre - Inde — Marie Dorigny


Main basse sur la terre - Mozambique — Marie Dorigny


Nepal - The country that didn't like women — Marie Dorigny


Publications​ / Exhibitions

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