Kabul - Paris

" It is said that helicopters fly over Paris every morning, at dawn, to spray perfume."

In Afghanistan, the word قاچاق (Qotchoq -pronounce Kotchok-) means smuggled. You just have to say it to enter the world of clandestinity.

With author Claire Billet, we joined 5 young men in their crossing from Afghanistan to Europe. They travelled across 12000 km, 6 countries, and 7 borders. Jaweed and his cousin Rohani are former Taleban members. They ran away from their home because their former commander had treatened to kill them. Two brothers, Khyber and Fawad, travelled on their side. they were left unemployed after the US military had left Afghanistan, threatened to death by the Taleban who accused them of being treators. Luqman, the youngest of the group, fled a bloody vendetta that had had his father killed.

They all hoped to rebuild their life in a peaceful world. Their journey was an initiatory one, where the cruded realities of migration were mixed up with their fantasies. We shared their crossing for over 6 months and finally came to embody, despite our will, the symbols their European mirage.


Kabul - Paris