Murs de l’Atlantique

Murs de l’Atlantique is a photographic installation which draws a panorama of the Breton territory and suggests a visual dialogue between two specific phenomena : the remains of the Atlantic Wall (blockhaus, bunkers) that mark the landscape in a heavy and permanent way ; and the ‘free parties’ which act like Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ), appearing spontaneously to disappear immediately, and invite techno music lovers to gather each weekend for a party in a place kept secret until the last moment. 

Two ways of occupying the same territory. Two phenomena with apparently nothing in common, but yet deal with the same notions of architecture (one permanent, the other, nomadic and spontaneous), closure (walls of concrete, walls of sound), and hidden cartography. This work questions ways to occupy a space and offers, at the same time, a poetic walk in the isolated, interstitial and open areas that shape the Breton landscape.

This project is composed of a main series of pictures (Murs de l’Atlantique), sub-series (Murs, Cartographies Secrètes, Calaoparty, Architecture de la teuf) published in various zines that take part to a whole installation, along fragments of bunkers gleaned from demolition sites and a heavy bassline.


Murs de l’Atlantique