Kabul, Paris

The story of five young Afghans on the road to exile, from Kabul to Paris. Twelve thousand kilometers, six borders to cross illegally.

The five friends sacrifice everything in the hope of a better life, and their dreams are brought face to face with reality.

Too often described by numbers, migrants have become a disembodied mass in the collective unconscious. They are photographed with police cameras like lawless bandits. We perceive them as hordes of zombies invading Calais or Melilla. They are showed to us crammed like cattle on the skiffs of Lampedusa.

Here, no such thing. We watch the road, we discover the sea, girls in miniskirts, skyscrapers, through the eyes of Luqman, Fawad, Khyber, Jawid and Rohani...  These significant moments are mingled with unbearable stops: this is the duality of illegal migration. She invariably fluctuates between emergency and boredom, ecstasy and depression, hero and zero.


Kabul, Paris