G.U.D - Far-Right's "Black Rats"

The Group Union Defense (G.U.D), or the "black rats" as they like to call themselves, is a violent right-wing students' union founded in the 1960's at the University Paris II-Assas, by former leaders of the fascist organisation «Occident», Alain Robert and Gerard Longuet. It was officially dissolved in the early 2000’s. 

The GUD is responsible for the creation of other right-wing organisations, such as Unité Radicale, which became famous after the assassination attempt on Jacques Chirac, on July 14, 2002 by Maxime Brunerie, a member of the MNR, but also a militant of this extremist group. In February 2010, the Group Union Defense was reborn, and its members still share a fascist and revolutionary nationalist set of values.

These young people are not supposed to be members of the party, yet they feed off the ideas of the National Front and see themselves as the leaders of tomorrow's extreme-right.


G.U.D - Far-Right's "Black Rats"