Alain Keler


Fragments # 1

These fragments are from my life as a photographer, from that life with which I keep crossing paths. I don’t know a lot about them other than what the film captures.  Years later, while revisiting my contact sheets, I try to reconstruct these moments.

Photography has been my gateway in this world.  A marvelous means to move towards others, to pour out my desire to break boundaries glimpsed from a very young age.  Like a liberating breath of fresh air from these moments or from the family sphere, that became too suffocating, pushing me towards far away horizons… like a deep breath…  like a way to save oneself from constraints that became too heavy.



Ces fragments sont ceux de ma vie de photographe, de la vie de ceux que j’ai croisé depuis longtemps. D’eux, je ne sais pas grand chose d’autre que ce que la pellicule a enregistrée. Des années plus tard, en revisitant mes planches contact, j’essaye de reconstituer ces moments.

La photographie a été mon laisser-passer dans ce monde. Un merveilleux moyen d’aller vers les autres, d’épancher cette envie de passer des frontières entrevues depuis mon plus jeune âge. Comme un souffle de liberté assouvi depuis ces moments ou un univers familial, devenu trop étouffant, me poussait vers ces horizons lointains, comme une respiration profonde et la possibilité de se sauver d’une emprise trop pesante.



Fragments # 1

 Khomeiny salutes the crowd  after his return to Iran. Some women become hysterical when he appears. Teheran, February 3, 1979
A woman has been shot dead during a demonstration. A crying man puts his shirt on her legs. San Salvador. October 1979
Public confession. Lenin shipyard. Gdansk,Poland.August 1980
My parents at the door of their house. Igny, France. April 2002
Elderly palestinian couple. Abu Dis, Israel. September 2004
Helicopter bringing the remains of Yasser Arafat. Ramallah, Occupied West bank. November 2004.
Evacuation by the Israeli army of the Gush Katif settlement. Gaza. August 2005
Ethiopians leaving the refugee camp of Korem. Ethiopia. August 1985
The pianist. Russian army headquarters. Grozny, Chechnya. January 1995
Funeral of a man killed during the war in Kosovo in 1999. He has been identified nine years later. Kosovo. November 2008
Roma village, Slovakia. November 2009
Wailing wall, Jerusalem. April 1982
Bernard and Brigitte. Cantal, France. July 2013