After Oluja – en cours

«There the misled memory feeds the desert.
Near the fire on which days do not feed,
The buried complaint and the hidden treasure remain.»
– Branko Miljkovic

Through the last century, Belgrade (Serbia’s capital city) was bombed on several occasions, for the last time in 1999. After World War II, Tito, the Yugoslav Wars, Slobodan Milošević, the city is slowly coming back to life.

The Oluja Operation was the last big battle of the Croatian War of Independence, wich was followed by a mass-exodus of Serbs from Croatia, leading to a significant humanitarian crisis. This event is an important point in contemporary Serbs culture.

“Oluja” mean storm.


«Là le souvenir égaré nourrit le désert.
Près du feu dont ne se nourissent pas les jours
La plainte enfouie et le trésor caché demeurent.»
– Branko Miljkovic

Au cours du siècle dernier, Belgrade et la Serbie ont été bombardées à plusieurs occasions, la dernière fois en 1999. Après la seconde guerre mondiale, Tito, les guerres d’Ex-Yougoslavie, Slobodan Milošević… le pays revient doucement à la vie.

L’opération Oluja fût l’une des dernière bataille de la guerre d’indépendance croate qui s’ensuivît d’un exode massif des Serbes de Croatie et qui se transformât en une crise humanitaire. C’est un évènement important dans la culture serbe contemporaine.

“Oluja” veut dire tempête.


After Oluja – en cours

NATO flyer dropped on Belgrade. On the right one, next to Slobodan Milošević portrait : "War is a sacrifice for you. For him, his family and friends it's good money." During summer 2000, former Serbian President Ivan Stambolić was abducted, his body...
"Our purpose here is to set a place where people can watch non-commercial movies, as well to support Serbians directors. Around a year ago, a hundred of us took over the theater, it was a spontaneous action... Since then, we are here. The authorities...
Zvezda theater. Luka, with the 35mm projector for the open air screen.
Bus 96.
Krnjaca refugee camp. "We came from Knin in Croatia. I was a biology teacher. I was in Knin during Storm Operation, my wife and sons escaped before those days. Since we are in Serbia, it is the 20th year we are spending as refugees, this is the second...
Krnjaca refugee camp. "We have two sons, one of them live with us, the other one got married and is now living in the USA. We witnessed murder, rape, ethnic cleansing of our people. We have been visited by UN, the Serbian government, NGO, etc... The...
Krnjaca refugee camp.
Borča neighborhood.
Centar za integraciju mladih dropping shelter. Blok 38, Novi Beograd. "This is the only category of children that we are working with. Children who are involved in living or working in the streets of Belgrade. Sometimes we have children from some other...
Roma settlement, Novi Beograd. "We are visiting around 25 settlements in Belgrade. We have at the moment around 400 active beneficiaries of our services. Around 280 are visiting our two dropping shelters on a monthly level, the rest of them we are...
Camp Roms, Nouvelle Belgrade. "On visite environ 25 camps sur Belgrade. Ce qui fait 400 bénéficiaires actifs. Environ 280 passent par nos abris tous les mois. Les autres on les rencontre sur les activités extérieures. De ces 400 enfants et jeunes ados...
Danube river.
Krnjaca refugee camp. "I lived in Belgrade for 23 years, since 5 years I'm in here. I was born in Croatia, 1954. I graduated from Political Science faculty in Zagreb, my first solo exhibition was in late 70's. I worked as a clerk. In 1986 I decided to...
Duro Maodus, painter, Krnjaca refugee camp.
Krnjaca refugee camp.
Mihajla Pupina boulevard.
Kumodraška Shelter for Homeless People. Voždovac area. "This institution's aim is to help people, homeless peoples, elder peoples in an emergency situation. We are a social sector emergency service. Every peoples are welcome here, with psychic issues...
Kumodraška Shelter for Homeless People. Voždovac area. "People can stay here up to six months. With the cold, we expect to reach 200 residents, we will put disposable beds, it is better to use improvised solution than letting people on the streets. 10%...
Kumodraška Shelter for Homeless People. Voždovac area. An employee in her office,originally from Kosovo, she came to Belgrade to study and stayed as there is "no real future for the Serbs in Kosovo anymore." ”We do not have break in our job, either we...
Blok 70, Yuri Gagarin Street.