We are all aware of the African influences on Brazil and the Caribbean, but what do we know of the existence of the black populations that live in the Andes region of South America? Africa- America is a photographic journey that uses portraits to probe contemporary traces of African identity among the black diaspora in the Andes. From the XVIth century onwards, the plantation economy on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Latin America grew with the mass influx of slaves from the African coasts.

Today, these “Afrodescendant” black populations are at a historic crossroads, publicly proclaiming their pluralistic cultures that are an original fusion of native influences, Spanish colonisation and African roots, steadfastly determined to find their place in countries where they are still very much in the minority. They are all, to varying degrees, searching for their African roots, roots that are largely, even completely, alien to them.

Africa-America evokes the black populations of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile.